How to launch a product in 4 hours with AI

Let’s go through the process together as if we were building a product or feature from scratch. Imagine you have an idea, let’s see how AI can assist you in product discovery. The goal here is to quickly validate your idea before investing significant resources. You want to test it and you want to test it FAST. Perhaps you’ve been postponing this first step. So, let’s kick it off!

Gleb Gordeev

Mar 18, 2024


AI-boosted Product Development

In traditional product development, a single product may take months or even years to go from ideation to launch. However, with AI tools at your disposal, the process can be accelerated significantly. This post explores how entrepreneurs, startups, and product managers can apply AI to launch a product in just 4 hours – a feat that was unimaginable two years ago.

This is the third article in the series of blog posts covering how AI influences product development. And this is the most practical one, with tips that we have successfully applied in launching startups for our clients at Kodebusters.

The Case Study

To illustrate how this might practically look, we can walk through a sample product launch, using AI tools to validate an idea rapidly. The main goal here is to show you what is possible and develop a right mindset regarding applying AI into your daily product development tasks. Below you can find a hands-on example with ChatGPT prompts and 3rd party tools. Let's go!

30 mins - Initial Research and Competition Analysis

Imagine you have an idea, let’s see how AI can assist you in product discovery. The goal here is to quickly validate your idea before investing significant resources. You want to test it and you want to test it FAST.

You can use ChatGPT to gather a list of companies in the fitness app space, then analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) based on publicly available information. With AI’s assistance, you can quickly identify key strategic opportunities.

30 mins - Exploit Competitor Weaknesses

Take the time to explore your main competitors' websites, use ChatGPT to analyze their landing pages. You can ask AI to parse through app store reviews and customer testimonials for common complaints that present opportunities for your own approach.

Collect as much relevant info about their product as possible.Copy the text and ask GPT the following:

Now you have a few customer pain points that are not yet solved! It’s your golden ticket.Follow the similar process for analysing AppStore reviews, Customer testimonials, etc.

Using the insights gathered from your competitors' weaknesses, brainstorm innovative features that address neglected pain points. ChatGPT can propose multiple ideas that could resonate with potential users, helping you to quickly iterate and validate your approach.

30 mins - Analyse competitor landing pages

Analyzing competitor landing pages is an invaluable step in understanding how they position themselves in the market, what unique selling propositions (USPs) they highlight, and how their user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) stack up against industry standards.

To conduct a thorough analysis, capture a full-page screenshot of each competitor’s landing page. I use a free tool called Shottr and their Scrolling Capture feature.

upload it to the ChatGPT with the following prompt.

Now that you have gained some insights on how to distinguish yourself from competitors or draw inspiration, it's important to bear in mind the significance of originality. While replicating content from a single source amounts to theft, drawing inspiration from multiple sources is akin to engaging in thorough research to cultivate your own unique ideas and perspectives.

This approach not only fosters creativity but also allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter, leading to innovative solutions and fresh perspectives. Remember, the journey to success often involves a blend of creativity, research, and originality.

15 mins - Define User personas

With the help of AI, you can easily define your target audience and create user personas to guide your product development. This process would typically take a team several hours, but with AI's assistance, it can be done in just 15 minutes.

Ask GPT to "Draft a user persona for a [your service]” or go to Userpersonas dot dev

Conduct an interview with the persona with the following prompt:

To make the most of ChatGPT, try learning and tweaking as you go. Customize your prompts for better results. The output isn't perfect, but it's a good start. Use it wisely, add your know-how, and double-check with other tools for even better results.

15 mins - Product Roadmap and User Stories

With the user personas in hand, AI can assist in creating a product roadmap and user stories based on their identified pain points and needs.

Use the following prompt:

or head to Writemyprd bot

Instead of spending hours on brainstorming and discussions, leveraging AI significantly streamlines this process, offering efficiency and precision in identifying and meeting user needs.

30 mins - Product UI

You can use this for design inspiration, but also for landing page and marketing content. AI can analyze successful designs and suggest elements that you should incorporate into your own product's UI for better user engagement.

Additionally, AI can also help with creating unique and visually appealing designs that reflect your brand's identity.

UI from scratch

Select image generation with DALLE or Midjourney and use the following prompt

this is an example of Midjounrey-generated UI for a travel app.

UI based on an existing product

Make a screenshot of your, or your competitor's product, or copy their visual.Go to GPT and upload an image.

Switch to DALLE, paste the prompt, adapt it to your product, and hit enter.You will receive a list of tools that can help you to do it even easier.

Alternatively, use UIzard. It's an amazing tool that can save you hours of work.

30 mins - Landing Page design

With the help of AI, you can efficiently design a landing page that resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your product's value proposition.

From the scratch

Draw a sketch on a piece of paper of white boardUpload it to Chat GPT

Based on an existing product

Make a screenshot of existing landing page and upload it to ChatGPT

You can use ChatGPT to seamlessly convert images, screenshots, whiteboards, and Figma designs into code. This conversion process transforms visual elements into functional code snippets, enabling you to effortlessly translate your design concepts into a fully operational website.

30 mins - Make Your Product Real

Go to Makereal.tldraw and simply start drawing what you want to "Make Real" and turn into a website.

Connect your OpenAI API Key to the tool.

Make your website come to life. Drag to make sure your whole doodle is selected.Now, simply click the "Make Real" button at the top right corner. It filters the post and everything.

Get codeIf you want the code, simply click this tiny little button and it gets copied to your clipboard.Using this, you can doodle anything and instantly add it to your website.

Build Web apps right from the prompt

Alternatively, use Marblism to build React and Node.js apps from the prompt.

If you used Figma before for UX/UI design, you can send these screeens directly to Bubble environment with Deezign tool.

30 mins - Branding and Content creation

AI can also aid in branding and content creation, providing insights on the best color schemes, fonts, and messaging to resonate with your target audience. It can also generate social media posts and blog topics based on popular trends and keywords to enhance your brand's online presence.

For crafting longer pieces of content such as engaging blog posts and informative articles, I highly recommend utilizing Jasper's advanced capabilities. Its AI-powered features can elevate the quality and efficiency of your writing process, ensuring compelling and well-crafted content.


Using this method, you can bring your idea to the market within hours and start generating your first sign ups. See it as an inspiration rather than a status-quo. Iterate on it and do your own research.The most important takeaway that we encourage you to get from this guide is the mindset. AI is changing product development for good, and you can achieve more for less.

Every time you are facing a task, ask yourself - is there an AI for that?

P.S. This is the third article in a series dedicated to exploring the ways AI is reshaping how we build products. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Next, we will break down how to prepare your product for the launch.

Now it's your turn

You have been sitting on the idea already for a while? Schedule a free call to discuss it with us. If it fits, we'll turn it into a successful product that makes a real difference.

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