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AI-assisted Toolkit for Entrepreneurs' Success

Meet the Aurora app, an all-in-one tool for business leaders focusing on achieving success by addressing mental models and blockers. Developed with Olya Grovel, Head of Growth at Orbify, the app was launched in under 30 days, paving the way for rapid product growth and boosting Aurora's success.

Ilia Meshcheriakov

Apr 3, 2024

Why Aurora

The entrepreneurial world is tough. Each year, thousands of aspiring startup founders share their struggles online. They face challenges like market crashes, skeptical VCs, and layoffs. What if there was a tool to provide the support they need?

Aurora, led by Olya Grovel from Orbify, is that tool. It empowers leaders to overcome mental blocks, beat procrastination, manage stress, build connections, and lead their companies to victory. With Olya's expertise in business psychology and support from industry experts, Aurora is a game-changer.

Partnering with Kodebusters, we handle product development and launch strategy, sparking a revolution in business support.

Mastering the Mindset

Most solo founders recognize their mental obstacles hinder them from achieving Elon Musk-level success. Yet, only 2 in 10 actively confront these challenges. Why? Learning technical skills like data analysis or marketing is straightforward - you practice, you learn.

However, mastering your mindset is a different story. It requires practice, guidance, and substantial support, leading many founders to avoid the issue with the belief that "things will work out on their own."

The Task

Our main goal was to lead the app development for Olya, freeing her to focus on marketing and business growth. We also helped her overcome "analysis paralysis" — the trap of overthinking that hinders decision-making.

We took the reins on all the routine tasks, from discovery and interviews to planning the product roadmap and tackling UI/UX design. We conducted user testing, managed No-Code development, and readied the app launch for all stores.

By handling these responsibilities, we gave Olya the time and energy to concentrate on creating top-notch content and innovative business solutions for her audience. This approach ensured the app met the needs of the business leaders and founders she targeted.

The Kodebusters Way

Creating and launching the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Aurora in just 30 days was nothing short of a challenge. We were starting from zero, and it was a race against time. It demanded ruthless prioritization, focusing only on the core elements that mattered the most.

We embraced the rapid development, leaning on automation tools to plan and analyze user testing. This was our secret weapon to gather and process user feedback swiftly and efficiently. It fueled our speed, enabling us to iterate and tailor the product to user needs in real time.

Then came the UI/UX design. Often a marathon, we turned it into a sprint, wrapping it up in a mere 3 days. We trimmed the fat, creating just enough UI/UX documentation to propel the development forward. The rest, we figured out as we went along.

With the design in place, the real construction began. Using the Bubble platform, we built the app’s core in just two weeks. Bubble, being a mature “all-in-one” tool, gave us the power to develop and launch at lightning speed.

The outcome? A swift and triumphant product development for Aurora. Olya’s advisors at the accelerator program were blown away by the progress made in just a few weeks. Their glowing feedback was a badge of honor, validating our efficient and effective hustling spirit.

Our Stack

bubble; chatGPT; Figma; Pathway; Natively; Onesignal

User Research

In an action-packed week, we dove deep into the market, dissecting 12 competitors and conducting 10 user interviews. The quest was yo unlock the secrets of the market dynamics and lay bare the problems users face. We were not just understanding the landscape; we were hunting for the keys to meet the market's needs and expectations.

With these insights, we didn't just develop a plan - we forged a battle strategy for the MVP app development and launch. This wasn't some half-baked scheme. This was a proven plan of action, backed by the hard-earned insights from our market research and user interviews.

Information Architecture

When it comes to creating an educational product, you're typically wrestling with two beasts:

  1. App development: Crafting a set of comprehensive features that deliver a stellar user experience.

  2. Content: A product void of high-quality educational content doesn't hold water.

Ed-tech founders often struggle with balancing time between content creation and app development. Unlike others, Aurora took a different approach by focusing on gathering resources rather than creating content. We collected open-source research on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a wide knowledge base on key topics.

By training an OpenAI agent with this information, we could generate insightful lessons. Each lesson was carefully reviewed for relevance before inclusion in our learning Journeys.

This approach allowed us to generate more than 100 high-quality insights for Aurora's diverse user base in less than a week. This monumental breakthrough propelled us forward, setting the pace for what was to come.

Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment Tool

Aurora helps users grasp their current state and path to goals. Our self-assessment test gauges skills in six key areas: Emotion Control, Internal Compass, Resilience, Smart Work, Social Connection, and Decision-Making. Armed with this insight, users can start their self-development journey.

Personalized Learning Journeys

Once users understand their current state, we share recommendations on skills to improve and their order to achieve goals. These are suggestions, not mandates. Users can choose any path, ensuring a unique journey for all app users.

Each learning journey is a two-pronged attack:

  1. A nugget of theory, just enough to give users a solid grasp of the topic without burying them in information.

  2. A practice arena where users get to flex their newfound skills on real-life scenarios. How do we generate these? Through AI, tailored to each user's knowledge and background they shared during onboarding.

This arsenal equips users to invest just 15-20 minutes daily, and emerge stronger in the areas they need to ace to hit their personal and business bullseyes.

Private Toolkit for Everyone

To enhance personal growth for business leaders, we've filled the app with purposeful features. Users can store key insights and practice scenarios in their toolkit.

We delved into successful entrepreneurs' routines, integrating a habits tracker with top-tier habits in the Aurora app. Transforming Aurora into a dedicated growth partner for users.

Aurora Community

During user research, we discovered the community's influence. Many Aurora users sought support and advice on social networks and online communities for personal development. Rather than competing, we made Aurora community-centric.

We enabled selected creators to share content on Aurora for wider reach. Introducing 'Circles' allowed users to create mini-communities tailored to their challenges and goals, akin to Reddit.

This approach not only met user preferences but also added value. Aurora now provides personalized learning journeys, self-assessment tools, and a supportive community for holistic personal growth.

Launch Preparation

Launching a product is more than just cool features. It's an intense journey that demands meticulous preparation and teamwork. We've geared up for Aurora's launch by:

  1. Setting the ultimate success criteria: We've established clear, measurable metrics to guide our decisions and track our progress.

  2. Crafting a user guide: Our first users won't be left in the dark. We've prepared detailed instructions on how to engage with Aurora, share feedback, report bugs, and stay connected with our team and other users.

  3. Looking ahead: We've shared our vision for Aurora's future with Olya, laying out a roadmap for the next few quarters. This includes steps for after the MVP launch and ideas for growing and scaling Aurora.

We're not just launching a product. We're fueling a revolution.

Project Outcomes

In just 30 days, the Aurora app was created. This user-friendly tool is a beacon of hope for entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking personal growth. With robust features, a smooth launch, and Olya's expertise, Aurora provides knowledge and a practice arena for new skills. Positive initial user feedback confirms a promising future for Aurora.

A pivotal win in this journey was Olya’s startup accelerator's swift integration of the Aurora program into their curriculum. This unique external validation highlights Aurora's clear path and potential, paving the way for future successes.

What's Next

For Aurora, everything has just began. We successfully launched a minimal set of features for a viable product, but we definitely will not limit ourselves there. Here's just a little sneak peak of what we have prepared for Aurora's future.

Enable community creators to upload their content with manual moderation by Aurora team Launch Aurora Circles for even better support for communities  Continue adding high quality daily activities and more interactive practices formats Launch and enable Aurora for Teams so that business users can enjoy all the same features in their closed private environment

So we'll continue our work. We already have a solid understanding of the roadmap that we will be following in later iterations. But most importantly – both Kodebusters and Aurora expressed our willingness and readiness to continue working together on something big and meaningful.


At Kodebusters, we strongly support entrepreneurs - exceptional individuals breaking barriers and shaping the world. Despite challenges like burnout, Aurora provides unwavering support, guidance, and solutions.

After overcoming obstacles, Kodebusters is here to help with future ventures. Together, we're unstoppable. ❤️

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